Office Hours/Appointment Scheduling

Because we strive to meet diverse patient needs, call us to check on our office hours and availability. Call us at (724)744-2099.

Our phone is always answered by a real live person, 24 hours a day! We know that your questions and emergencies deserve immediate attention - not voice mail.
Appointments will be scheduled at the earliest available time. We know that your time is valuable and needs are important -- we will make every effort to keep you from waiting.
We request a 24-hour notification on any changes.


Emergency Visits

Call us anytime for emergency visits! (724) 744-2099.

Our 24 hour answering service will provide prompt scheduling information for an appointment to relieve dental emergency pain.

After an emergency is dealt with, a follow up visit will be scheduled to complete records and replace temporary treatment materials with regular treatment methods.

Considering your first visit to our office?

We look forward to serving you!

In order to provide proper treatment, we require accurate Medical, Dental, and Social histories for proper treatment for you.

We accept current records from other professionals.
For complex cases, a set of study models may be required to correctly plan your treatment.
Treatment objectives will be discussed in terms you understand with an estimate of cost and length of time.
Please allow some extra time for your first visit. We want to ensure that we get the necessary information to provide top-quality service… and we want to allow time for your questions. Get to know us - we want to be active partners in your family's great dental health!

**All information will be kept confidential - information will be available only to those who will be treating or consulting treatment with your case.